Friday November 28, 2014

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Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and are ready to burn some serious calories today!!!!! Let’s burn off that pie! :)

Class times today:

8&9AM, 4&5PM


10 Rounds for time:

Run 250m

15 Burpees

5 Clean& Jerks 135#/95#

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Thursday November 27, 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving

8AM ONLY today!!! Come in for a FUN WOD!!! :)

Winners of our Paleo Challenge have been finallized!!!

Josh Geiszler WON the Challenge! Josh lost 21 pounds and a little over 14 inches! He took 1:30 off his “Jackie” time also!!! Awesome job Josh!!!


WOW! What a transformation!!!!

Amy Terra was our runner-up! She lost 7 pounds and 6 inches and also improved her “Jackie” time!  Great job Amy!!!!


Something to be said for a clean Paleo diet!!!! :)

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Wednesday November 26, 2014

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Don’t miss your Thanksgiving WOD in tomorrow! 8am Only! 



For 12 Minutes, every 90 seconds:

1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats



20 Minute AMRAP:

Run 400m

30 Power Snatch 75#/55#

20 Overhead Squats 75#/55#

10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups



30 Minute AMRAP:

Run 400m

150 ft. Overhead Walking Lunge w/ plate

40 Ground to Overhead w/ plate

30 Burpees to Plate

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Tuesday November 25, 2014

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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours:

Thursday: 8&9am ONLY

Friday: 8&9am, 4&5pm

Saturday: 8&9am

Sunday: Open Gym 10am-12pm


Skill Warm-up:

9 Minute EMOM:

Min 1: 5/3 Muscle Ups (those who do not have MU= Strict pull-ups and Dips!)

Min 2: 2 Rope Climbs (or 1 legless)

Min 3: 40 Second L-sit hold



For time:

30 Kettlebell Swings 70#/53#

30 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″

100 Double Unders

20 Kettlebell Swings 70#/53#

20 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″

100 Double Unders

10 Kettlebell Swings 70#/53#

10 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″

100 Double Unders




Kettlebell Swings

Box Step-ups

X3 Jumprope (150, 120, 90,60, 30)

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Monday November 24, 2014

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*CROSSFIT LODI represented in a major way at Another Level CrossFit’s first Friday Night Series this past Friday!!

Daniel Frazier took FIRST in the men’s division! Kristin Burrell took FIRST in the women’s divison and Erica Synowicki took SECOND in the women’s! Brad Burrell also had a great showing as well! So awesome!! A huge CONGRATS to you all. The next Friday Night Series will be December 19th…and we will be holding the competition at our own gym the 3rd week in January! Exciting stuff!  Pictures from this past Friday will be posted soon in the photo gallery on the website…

*Great job to everyone participating in the Everyday Warrior Battle Series online competition…We saw lots of PR’s today! Next Sunday is the last workout of the series and we will be having a potluck post WOD. Please come and join us even if you are not participating! All are welcome!

*Don’t forget about OPEN GYM every Sunday 10am-12 Noon…

*HOLIDAY HOURS this week:

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday : Regular Schedule

Thursday: 8AM ONLY!

Friday: 8&9am, 4&5pm

Saturday: 8&9am, Open Gym 10-12

*MARK YOUR CALENDARS! CrossFit Lodi Christmas Party is December 20th!

*Santa Smackdown Competition December 13! We can always use more volunteers. Sign up at the front desk!

*TODAY IS THE END OF OUR PALEO CHALLENGE!!!! Those participating will be repeating “Jackie”! Get ready! If there are others not participating in the diet challenge but would like to repeat the workout to measure progress, great! You can do it during the strength portion and are welcome to do the regular WOD. :)



Push Press

In 10 work up to a heavy Push Press…


3 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 Squat Clean Thrusters 135#/95#

15 Toes to Bar



10 Rounds for time:

Run 250m

10 Hand Lift Push-ups

10 Wall Balls

10 Sit-ups


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Friday November 21, 2014

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Who is going to the Friday night series at Another Level CrossFit tonight??!

Reminder :we will be doing the 3rd Everyday Warrior WOD Sunday at 10 :)



Sumo Deadlift

In 12 Minutes, work up to a heavy 3 reps…



With a continuously running clock, For Max Reps:

1 Minute Each:

Alternating DB Snatch 70#/50#

Double Pump Burpees

Shoulder to Overhead 115#/75#

Jump Lunges (2=1 rep)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 115#/75#

1 Minute REST

Repeat 3 Rounds 



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Thursday November 20, 2014

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This Friday night begins the Friday Night Series at Another Level CrossFit. This will be the 3rd Friday of every month…Let’s go watch/ support the athletes! For more info about the competition, go to Another Level CrossFit’s Facebook page….


Today’s WOD is brought to you by Coach Travis! It is a mental strengthening workout. Embrace the suck!!!!! How bad do you want it??!


3 Rounds :

15 Hang Power Snatch 95#/65#

15 Box Jumps 24″/20″

15 Pull-ups


Run 800m



150 Wall Balls 20#/14#

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