Tuesday July 16, 2013

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Are you reaching your goals? First you need to determine what goal it is that you are trying to reach. As coaches at CrossFit Lodi, that is why we are here. Not only to teach you proper movement to ensure that you will not get injured, but to motivate, push and help you reach your goals in fitness, whatever that may be. Please don’t ever be shy to approach and ask us for help. Nutrition advice, extra instruction on a movement that you are struggling with, or if you just need to vent about yout day! We want to create a community where you feel comfortable, welcome, and good about yourself. I know I can speak for all coaches in saying that you as clients inspire and motivate ME everyday! Thank you for being a part of our gym!


Remember the end of our “Fight Gone Bad Challenge” is Friday August 2md beginning at 5pm. We will have a potluck after! Food and prizes! :)


Skill Warm-up:

12-14 Alternating Dumbbell Rows

12-14 Reverse Lunges with dumbbells

50 Double Unders



Run 1 Mile

100 Kettlebell Swings 53#/35#

75 Wall Balls 20#/14#

50 Pull-ups

25 Burpees


CrossFit Light (8am and 7pm)

4 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

25 Kettlebell Swings

20 Wall Balls

15 Pull-ups

10 Burpees