Wednesday October 16, 2013

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Don’t be a cherry picker! Posting the daily WOD is both good and bad. Those of us who like to mentally prepare for the WOD enjoy seeing what they are going to endure the next day. Others check the blog to see whether or not they are going to ATTEND! Not ok! So maybe you are really not that great at pull-ups. That is the number one reason that you SHOULD come to class! CrossFit is about getting stronger, both mentally and physically, and also about attacking your weaknesses! Make those weaknesses your strengths. Do not be so concerned about whether you “Rx” the WOD or not. That isn’t what it’s about. Did you give the workout everything you had? Did you push yourself? Did you feel amazing once you finished? Then you accomplished your goal. So the next time you see a movement or a workout that you don’t care for, DO NOT MISS. Those are the days that will make you better. Attack those weaknesses! And of course don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!!! :)


In other news! Do you have your partner for the Filthy 50 WOD this Saturday? Come join us! Don’t have a partner? Come and we will find you one! Don’t want to work out? Come to watch and cheer us on!



Front Squat

In 15 Minutes, work up to a 1 rep Max Front Squat




For time:

30 Pull-ups

30 Wall Balls 20#/14#

30 Kettlebell Swings 70#/53#

250m Farmer Carry 45#/30#

20 Pull-ups

20 Wall Balls

20 Kettlebell Swings 70#/53#

250m Farmer Carry 45#/30#

10 Pull-ups

10 Wall Balls

10 Kettlebell Swings 70#/53#

250m Farmer Carry 45#/30#



Come and find out! :)