Monday October 28, 2013

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CrossFit Lodi represented in a major way this weekend! CONGRATS to our teams! 



Brandon, Morgan and Austin took FIRST PLACE in their division at the FrankenWOD Halloween Throwdown at CrossFit San Jose! SO awesome! Great job guys!!!!

Travis and Andrew also took 6th place at their competition. Killin’ it! It was a stacked competition and they definitely held their own!



We are basing our challenge on The Whole 30. Click HERE to find full details on the Whole 30.  We also have provided this link for a PDF Guide 30 Day Challenge

The biggest thing to follow is to PLAN AHEAD! You will always find  yourself in situations where you will be tempted with poor food choices. If you are prepared and plan your meals ahead of time, this shouldn’t be a problem.

We are here to help! Any time you have questions about diet PLEASE do not hesitate to ask! That’s why we are here! For YOU. :)


The workouts we do today will be repeated in 30 days at the end of the Challenge. We are doing weigh-ins as well. It will be confidential! The male and female winner with the best results in both performance and body transformation will win a FREE month of CrossFit!!!!



A. 1 Mile run for time

Rest as needed, then complete the following:

B. 3 Minutes max reps Pull-ups (If using resistance band, take note which one and use the same at the end of the 30 days)

C. 3 Minutes max reps Burpees

D. 3 Minutes max reps Wall Balls (use a weight that you can consistently hit the 10 ft. target. Use same weight ball at the end.)

Take adequate rest in between movements.


We will be counting reps for eachother. Be mindful of form and full range of motion. This is meant to help us all improve. In order to properly measure progress, we need to keep certain standards. All standards will be reviewed at the beginning of class! HAVE FUN!


Everyone including CROSSFIT MELT will be doing the challenge workouts!