Friday May 27, 2016

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I.G.N Details have been finalized……This upcoming Monday (May 30th) Joe and Audrey “KATPAX” Cataldo have graciously opened up there home for a post Murph/Memorial B.B.Q. It will begin at 1 pm. They will have a massive “do it yourself” b.b.q and adult approved water slide and kiddie pools. It’s open for all members even if you are unable to attend Mondays workout. Besides being a great opportunity to drink and eat those calories just burned during Murph, it will also be a great opportunity for us to get the gym community together. All you need to bring besides your favorite beverage is whatever meat ya want to grill and the rest will be taken care of. We really hope you take advantage of this chance for us to all come together and celebrate the MANY men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy opportunities like this. DO IT FOR ‘MERICA!

Address :

14536 N. Alpine Rd

Lodi, CA


**WARNING** **WARNING** this post is ABSOLUTELY NOT directed at anyone or ANY class in…haha

This is more a post about this time of year in general and what typically happens not only in gyms but also it seems like in life. Right now for many of you, this is the end of the school year for kids. Sports are winding down or stopped all together. We are approaching those summer months where vacations are planned or “down” time for many professions and students is near. There are parties or social events every weekend or on multiple days throughout a week. This seems to be the time of year where making it into the gym is becoming more of a hassle then anything else. That is the last thing we want. Coming in to unwind, joke and play with your gym buddies, and get a good sweat on is what we want. We also want you to get the most out of that hour you spend with us without having to drill you around like its a “work camp”.  When you come in for a class just try and keep that in mind and remember why you pay that monthly fee. Having fun and getting the most out of class is all we want from you. When either one of those things starts to slide, not only are we failing you, but you are failing yourself..

Sorry to get all ridged on ya and again this is just a personal “opinion piece” not a “response piece”

Have fun-t-


Strength: Performance & Fitness

In 15 min Find a heavy 1 Rep

Clean (FULL) & Jerk


Performance WOD: 

100 Bench Press 135#/95#

*every time you break – 10 TTB

scale weight accordingly…goal is to finish in approx. 4-6 sets

Fitness WOD:


15 Alt. DB Snatch 50#/35#

30 Double Unders

2 Min Rest


50 M Prowler Sprint (light)

12 Burpees





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Thursday May 26, 2016

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I.G.N- This Monday we will ONLY be having our 9am class. We will all be doing “MURPH”. This has always been a great event so come join if you have yet to experience it. It is a longer workout so plan for at least 60-70 min. Also we are working on putting together a BBQ and Water slide party later that afternoon for all members to attend if the would like. Stay tuned for details

Great work everyone on that team challenge today. We hope you enjoy these partner workouts. Today we have 2 of the most technical/ challenging and hardest movements in functional fitness for ya. We wouldn’t do that unless we knew you could handle it. PISTOLS are one legged squats for those new to CF. They require an unbelievable amount of strength, coordination, mobility and straight grit to perform correctly. For some though they come naturally so keep that in mind if you are getting frustrated because the person next to you is bouncing up and down like a pogo stick. We will have plenty of progressions for everyone so no need to “skip”. The other movement is the overhead squat. This is the hardest of the squat iterations and even though its only 95/65 lbs for rx, for some it might as well be 315 or 225.

While it might be easy to look at today and think “today is a good day for a rest day” I really hope you embrace the uncomfortable and work towards making these movements comfortable or at least bearable. Avoiding a weakness is only going to weaken you further, attacking it head on with patience is a sure fire way to close the gap. I look forward to seeing ALL OF YOU tomorrow

have fun -T-

Pistol Skill Work



5 Rounds for Time

400 m Run

15 Overhead Squats 95#/65#

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Wednesday May 25, 2016

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-Sign up now!!!  On Monday May 30th, we will be doing the Murph Challenge.  You can sign up to participate at  As a CrossFit Lodi member, you will not be required to sign up to participate, but we would encourage you to do so.  Proceeds go the Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  If you would like to bring a friend or family member with you to participate, they cam sign up for the challenge and their drop in fee for the day will be waived (receipt required) or they can choose to pay the $20 drop in fee and it will be donated to the cause.  

Memorial Day Hours –  We will only have one class for Murph @ 9am.  

The reschedule for the body fat test is Wednesday June 15th.  Sign up sheet is on the desk.



EMOM 5 Min

Starting at 40% of your 1 RM

Set 1 – 40%

Set 2 – 50%

Set 3 – 60%

Set 4 – 70%

Set 5 – 80 %

then every 2 min for 5 sets

1 – 85%

1 – 90%

Set 8-10 95% to 101%


Teams of 3:

5 Rounds/ 1 Min @ each station

Station 1 – 7 Power Cleans 135#/95#

Station 2 – 15 Wall Balls

Station 3 – Max Calorie Row

***Score is total calories rowed through all 5 Rounds



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Tuesday May 24, 2016

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-Sign up now!!!  On Monday May 30th, we will be doing the Murph Challenge.  You can sign up to participate at  As a CrossFit Lodi member, you will not be required to sign up to participate, but we would encourage you to do so.  Proceeds go the Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  If you would like to bring a friend or family member with you to participate, they cam sign up for the challenge and their drop in fee for the day will be waived (receipt required) or they can choose to pay the $20 drop in fee and it will be donated to the cause.  

The reschedule for the body fat test is Wednesday June 15th.  Sign up sheet is on the desk.

Great job on Mondays workout everyone. For today’s workout the word of the day is TECHNIQUE! Deadlifts can be a very “deadly” (see what I did there) movement if not done correctly. Challenge yourself with the weight but don’t let that alone dictate how you perform on this part of workout. Listen to your coach and make sure we are lifting with our legs instead of back’s. Once you feel comfortable with technique you’ll notice that weight that used to feel heavy goes up with ease.

Short and sweet tonight

Have fun -T-




10 -7-5-3-5-7-10


10 Min AMRAP

20 Kettlebell Swings 53#/35#

20 Push Ups


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Monday May 23, 2016

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Contra costa


In gym news: Happy birthday to one of our youngest members..Dallas Walker (Drew and coach Lindsey daughter) turned ONE over the weekend.

I.G.N- MOBILITY MONDAY WILL BE AT 6PM! tonight. Instead of a 6pm crossfit class we will just be having Mobility along with conditioning class.

I.G.N- Great Job and congrats(we think) to Jamie, Emmy, Lindsay, Erica, and Kevin who all competed in the Contra coast throw down. You made the gym proud!! (the “we think” comment is in reference to fact the event was a complete cluster ____ from an organizational standpoint so we don’t really know how anyone did point wise). Grand scheme of things that really doesn’t matter much though because you all tried your hardest!  

We hope everyone had a nice weekend and is ready to get after another week of getting fitter. In the world of crossfit, as a sport or as a fitness outlet, there are numerous things that can contribute to your overall improvement. Going over all of them or even some of them would take up everyday of this little blog for at least a month. Instead I want to bring to light (in my opinion) 2 of the most important.

The 1st is consistency. Not consistency in the sense of “I made it 3 days this week” or “I’ve been really watching my diet for the last few weeks, months..” or ”I’ve been really focusing on my technique the last few classes”.. While those are all great comments I love to hear, I am talking BIG PICTURE consistency. The type on consistency that takes many, many, many months or even better YEARS to achieve. Just like my man Malcolm Gladwell says, ” Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness”. Now while that might seem a little excessive it does drive home the point that to progress you need to practice. Very VERY few people are born true geniuses or gifted to the point that they never or barley have to work at something to get great or even proficient. I am sure if you poled 99% of the greatest athletes, academia’s, and success business individuals they would say “Hard work” is what got them to were they are. What they often leave out or what is often forgot is its not just a few days, weeks or even years of hard work. Its a lifetime of chipping away at their deficiencies. That’s sounds a lot like being Consistent to me!!

The 2nd is EFFORT. You can not BUY, BORROW, or FAKE effort. We as coaches can scream, cheer, or encourage you until we are blue in face and have lost out voices but if you don’t put forth your full effort for that day you have no one to blame except yourself. Now I don’t want that to be taken the wrong way and for you to think.” My score, time, ect wasn’t that great today so I guess that means I didn’t put forth my full effort”. That couldn’t be further from the truth! You all know your bodies and what you are capable of on a daily basis. If you walk out those doors thinking, “Man I really gave it all I had today” then that’s all that matters.

Moral of this little story my fit family is this, if you consistently make an effort to get better each day it will happen! Be patient and enjoy the ride. You just need to make sure you buy your ticket and actually take the ride and we as coaches will take care rest. So……..who’s coming for a ride tomorrow??



15 Min Bar Muscle Up Practice


4 Rounds

8-10 Strict Pull Ups or C2B Pull Ups

NO kipping, NO bands

10 Pendlay Rows

30 Sec Superman Hold

30 Sec Hollow Hold



Assault Bike Calories

Dumbbell Step Ups 40#/25# 24″/20″

Box Jump Overs

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Friday May 20, 2016

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I.G.N- You guys are doing great signing up to help with the meals for Ian and his family. We do have days still open so if you are interested please take a look at the sign up sheet on the front counter. THANKS

I.G.N- We have fresh cherries from Joe and Audrey’s fields for sale in the fridge along with extra Pick it up paleo meals and Maple Almond butter. Basically we have a little Trader Joe’s in the ghetto garage fridge so check it out if ya need any of those items.

WATER….WATER!!! WATTTTER… With these temperatures on the raise I figured now would be a good time to go over the importance of this simple, yet amazing fluid. As I am sure most of you remember from your middle school days, up to 60% of an adult body is made up of water. I guess that means we are all closer to ”glass half full” kind of people then…. Water is literally our “life blood”.  Seriously….Did you know blood is mostly made up of water… So is pretty much every other bodily fluid we omit throughout the day.

During those AWFUL tough wods(like yesterdays) when you are sweating, breathing hard, crying, bleeding(when you get that allusive box bite and skin the shins worse than when you were 6 and crashed the Huffy) or have to get that nervous pee out before 3.2.1 GO!!  you are losing a major component that keeps us running as functioning humans. If you are not replenishing that water lost you’re basically running that body into the ground.. If you just read that and said…”SO what..” let me try and illustrate it in a different light….

 Imagine this instead. You’re cruising down I-5 with the family on the way to see Mickie and Minnie. You have XM radio on your favorite pod cast while the “Bad driver” spouse is checking their DM on instagram and pretending they are looking at work emails. The kids are either starting world war 3 because they won’t share the Ipad or you’ve managed to plan the trip during nap time. You are just passing the last major city for 60 miles and the gas light comes on. You look down at the light and think….I’m not paying $3.27 for a gallon of gas, plus that light comes on with like 200 miles left…10 miles later you are parked on side of rode with flashers blinking and your only saving grace is that same “bad driver” at least paid the triple A bill so help is on the way….That doesn’t sound to enjoyable now does it. Well replace that car with your body, and instead of the $3.27 gas imagine it being the $1.50 liter of Smart water you passed up. Catch my drift NOW! Your body can last a few weeks without food, but without water you’ll be lucky to last longer than 3-5 days. Besides keeping you alive, water also does some pretty cool stuff which includes… keeping joints fluid, skin clean and clear and curbing those late night hunger pains..In my opinion those all sound like good reasons to get 100 oz of water a day in.

So for all those people who have a hard time getting the right amount of water in throughout the day, I present a challenge for you. Upon waking drink 8 oz of water that you placed on your night stand the evening before. Continue to do that every hour throughout the day. NO COFFEE AND SODA don’t count as part of that water intake. They both also contain caffeine which is a diuretic and actually slows down or stops water from doing its job. Do this for 3 days then go back to that cactus like intake you have been doing and let me know how you feel. Trust me you’ll want to do this the prize for those who actually do it is going to be spectacular…..

Have fun-t-



Every 4 Min for 5 Rounds

Run 200 m

1 Round “DT”

12 Deadlifts #155/#105

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

*The gaol here is to sprint each round and have 60-90 sec. rest in each round.  Scale weight accordingly.


Post WOD:

3 Rounds

50 m 1 Arm Overhead Carry w/DB or KB – Right Arm

50 m 1 Arm Overhead Carry w/DB or KB – Left Arm

Rest 45-60 sec between each arm

*Choose a weight that is a challenge but 50 m carry is unbroken

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Thursday May 19, 2016

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Performance & Fitness

Power Snatch

In 15 min work up to a heavy single

Performance WOD:

12 Min EMOM

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch


Fitness WOD:

12 Min AMRAP

40 Double Unders (120 Singles)

20 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 50#/35#

10 Goblet Squats w/ DB




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