Tuesday February 17, 2015

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Hope you have signed up for the OPEN!!!! First workout will be released NEXT THURSDAY at 5pm!!!! Exciting! 


This Friday night is the FRIDAY NIGHT SERIES @ Another Level CrossFit! Go over to Another Level and cheer on our competitors representing CF LODI! 



8 Minute EMOM:

Even: 2 Rope Climbs

Odd: 6 Kettlebell Snatch (3 each arm)…going up in weight!


WOD: (for MELT also)

“Filthy Fifty”

For time:

50 Box Jumps 24″/20″

50 Jumping Pull-ups

50 Kettlebell Swings 35# (for both)

50 Walking Lunge Steps

50 Knees to Elbows

50 Push Presses 45# (for both)

50 Back Extensions

50  Wall Balls 20#/14#

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders

** This is a classic CrossFit Benchmark workout meant to be light and fast!**

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Monday February 16, 2015

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WOD: (courtesy of Pat Sherwood)

5 Minute AMRAP:

7 Thrusters 95#/65#

7 Pull-ups



5 Minute AMRAP:
5 Deadlift 225#/155#

5 Handstand Push-ups



5 Minute AMRAP:

5 Power Cleans 115#/75#

25 Double Unders



5 Minute AMRAP:

10 Calorie Row

5 Burpees over the Rower, Lateral



5 Minute AMRAP:

7 Box Jumps 24″/20″

7 Toes to Bar


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Friday February 13, 2015

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*Next olympic lifting class will be Sunday February 15th @ 1230pm

*Next mobility class will be Sunday February 22 @ 9am



Every 90 Seconds for 15 Minutes:

3 Overhead Squats (from the rack)

Add weight to reach a heavy 3 Reps…



100 Hang Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters 45#/25#

*Every other minute on the minute 5 Burpees 

*There will be a time cap on this workout!


Friday Fun!

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Thursday February 12, 2015

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* A couple more weeks until the CrossFit Open begins! Remember this is for fun. Whether you are competitive or not, it is a great time to push yourself just a little bit harder than you normally would in the gym. Make sure to sign up ASAP! There is a new scaled division this year…so no excuses! :)


Skill Warm-up:

8 Minute EMOM:

Even: 12 Ring Rows

Odd: 5/3 Bar Muscle Ups



For Time:

20 Alternating Front Rack Lunges 155#/105#

30 Hang Cleans 155#/105#

40 Toes to Bar

50 Wall Balls 20#/14# 10′ target

60 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50#/30#

70 Sit-ups

80 Double Unders

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Wednesday February 11, 2015

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Sign up for this Thursday’s Valentine’s partner WOD! There will be babysitting provided if needed! WODS will be doable for all levels. :)  

*Next olympic lifting class will be Sunday February 15th @ 1230pm

*Next mobility class will be Sunday February 22 @ 9am

*Mike from Bodyfat test will be here Monday March 2!

*Have you signed up for the CrossFit Games Open yet?! Go to games.crossfit.com and sign up today! 

*Interested in the Barbell Wod? Contact Jamie for details and for a discount code for the program! 



In 12 Minutes, work up to a 3 RM Thruster from the floor.


WOD: (also for MELT)

For Time:

Run 400m

21 Thrusters 95#/65#

21 Box Jump Overs 30″/24″

Run 400m

15 Thrusters 115#/75#

15 Box Jump Overs 30″/24″

Run 400m

9 Thrusters 135#/95#

9 Box Jump Overs 30″/24″

Run 400m

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Tuesday February 10, 2015

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Don’t forget to sign up at the front desk for our partner Valentine’s WOD this Thursday night! There will still be a 4pm class Thursday…Warm up will begin at 530, first WOD at 6! The WODS doable for everyone! Scaling options too! 


Skill Warm-up:

8 Minute EMOM:

Even: 50 Double Unders

This is for those of you that still struggle with doubles in WODs. Get your practice in! No singles! Are you a master at doubles? Try triple unders! :)

Odd: Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Scale as needed. No kipping. Use smallest band to keep pull-up strict. If you are efficient at the movement, choose a number that you can maintain throughout the EMOM.


WOD: (also for MELT)

4 Rounds for time:

15 Deadlifts 225#/155#

15 Bar-Facing Burpees

250m Farmer Carry 50#/30#



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Monday February 9, 2015

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*CONGRATS to Daniel for taking 4th place at his competition at Alpha Omega CrossFit! Great job on that easy Front Squat @ 405 lbs. for a double! Way to represent! 


*Don’t forget to sign up you and your partner for our Valentine’s Day In house “competition” this THURSDAY…There will be 3 short WODs. Warm up will begin at 530, first heat at 6pm! THERE WILL STILL BE A 4PM REGULAR CLASS :)  



Front Squat

In 12 Minutes work up to a heavy 3 Reps…



8 Minute AMRAP:

15 Power Cleans 95#/65#

30 Double Unders

2 Minute Rest


7 Minute AMRAP:

15 Push Press 95#/65#

15 Push-ups

3 Minute Rest


6 Minute AMRAP:

15 Power Snatch 95#/65#

15 Pull-ups



15 Minute AMRAP:

15 Front Squats

15 Jumps or steps

15 Push-ups

5 Minute REST


15 Minute AMRAP:

15 Kettlebell Swings

15 Burpees

15 Sit-ups

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