Thursday December 5, 2013

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Skill Warm-up:

3 Rounds not for Time:

15 Barbell Good Mornings

6-8 Strict Pull-ups

45 Second L-sit hold



3 Rounds for max reps:

With a running clock , 1 Minute each station:

Wall Balls 20#/14#

Power Snatch 115#/75#

Ring Push-ups

Thrusters 115#/75#

Dumbbell Box Step ups 45#/25# 24″/20″

REST 1 MINUTE (after each round)


CROSSFIT MELT (8am and 7pm)

5 Rounds for max reps, 1 Minute rest after each round:

Push Press, dumbbell or barbell

Dumbbell Burpee Box Step-ups

Ring Rows

Hand Lift Push-ups

Dumbbell Snatch (alternating)