Friday March 9, 2018

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Open WOD 18.3!

**If you are participating in the Open and posting a score, please log on to games site and read the workout description and movement standards.**  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you know movements, standards, and correct scaling.  If there are any special equipment rules and/or standards they can also be found here.  If there are still questions, a coach can answer those for you.  If you are not using a judge that has completed the course, that is OK but it is also your responsibility to make sure that judge is aware of all the rules.

ALSO if you are redoing the workout on Monday you must be finished with equipment cleaned up by 4:30 when the CrossFit class starts!  There will be no exceptions to this.   Equipment rules still apply during the Open workouts.  Mistreatment of equipment (dumping barbells, dumbbells, etc.) does not make you faster, and will not be allowed.

Friday Night Throwdown tonight!  Can’t wait to see you all get after it!