Monday March 12, 2018

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Did everyone get enough Jump rope? 

If you are redoing the workout today (Monday) you need to make arrangements for a judge and you must be finished with the WOD and equipment cleaned up by 4:30 when the CrossFit class starts!  There will be no exceptions to this.   Equipment rules still apply during the Open workouts.  Mistreatment of equipment (dumping barbells, dumbbells, etc.) does not make you faster, and will not be allowed.  Thank you for understanding!


8 rounds, each for time of:

200 m Sprint

8 Handstand Push Ups

2 Min Rest between rounds

**Your score is your slowest round of the 8.

Post WOD:

3 rounds for time of:

D-Ball Carry On Chest, 150/100 lbs, 50 ft

20 Russian Twists