About Us

CrossFit Lodi is a gym specializing and dedicated to the CrossFit protocol of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. We strive to provide the best strength and conditioning coaching available in the Lodi area. Our gym provides a community atmosphere where each person is provided with expert coaching and is supported by his or her peers. One-on-one and group private training is available, as well as public group classes. Whether you opt for personal training or group classes, you will receive individual attention during every workout.

CrossFit is for everyone no matter your current fitness level or age. If you are a teenage athlete looking to get a competitive edge, we can help you! If you’ve been into fitness your entire life, we have a training regimen that might be new, different and exciting to you. If you’re business person looking for a fast and effective workout to start or finish your day, CrossFit Lodi will fit right into your busy schedule.