Our Classes

New Member Consultations

If you are interested in signing up, but wish to learn more about CrossFit and our facility, come in for a FREE consultation.  This consultation includes a detailed explanation of the CrossFit methodology, and a chance to experience our training environment first hand.  Consultations are by appointment only so please contact us before coming in. If you would like to experience a group class at no charge, please join one of our light classes (M-F 8am, Tues. or Thurs. 7pm, or Sat. 8am or 9am). Since we know that with CrossFit it often takes more than one visit to get a feel for things and understand the different workout styles, so we invite you to join us for up to 3 of our light classes at no charge. If you would like to sign up after experiencing our gym, then you will complete our Fundamental courses before joining the regular group classes. Call us at (209) 333-2000 or email us to schedule a FREE consultation.

Group Classes

Once you have completed the Fundamentals courses, you can join any of our group classes offered Monday through Saturday. We continue building a base level of strength while working on complex Olympic movements.  Scaling will be up or down depending on your athletic level and strength ability. These classes are offered at the rates listed here. You can come to as many classes, each month, as fit your schedule.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is available on a limited basis upon request. Please contact us for pricing and a brief explanation as to your private coaching needs.