Have questions or curious about our rates? Please contact us, we have several membership options to choose from.

Some of our membership options include:

  • Unlimited classes.
  • 3 classes per week (CrossFit & CrossFit Conditioning classes).
  • CrossFit Teens classes (3x per week).
There are Discounts available for:

  • Emergency and First Responders.
  • Students.
  • Commitments of 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Multiple Family members.

Membership Type



CROSSFIT UNLIMITED – Month-to-Month (no commitment) $165/mo.
CROSSFIT 3X WEEK – Month-to-Month (no commitment) $130/mo.
CROSSFIT UNLIMITED – 3 Month Commitment $148.50/mo.
CROSSFIT 3X WEEK – 3 Month Commitment $115/mo.
CROSSFIT UNLIMITED – 1 Yr Commitment $132/mo.
CROSSFIT 3X WEEK – 1 Yr Commitment $104/mo.
CONDITIONING UNLIMITED – Month-to-Month $95/mo.
CONDITIONING 3X WEEK – Month-to-Month $75/mo.
STP 2X WEEK – Month-to-Month (Ages 12-17) $90/mo.