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* Agility  * Speed development  * Balance and Stability * Power development  *  Specific foundations for Sport

  • STPworks is proud to offer a Youth Sports Performance/Strength Conditioning Program that is an entry-level long-term athletic development program for the prospective athlete. We have a dedicated coaching staff that specializes in sport specific training and performance.
  • STPworks will program proper technique, and specific exercises will be used to develop and refine physical fundamental movement skills for sport specific purposes or even general physical fitness. 
  • Programming is offered for all sports, including football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, track & field, volleyball, swimming, water polo, golf, and many other sports.
  • Our coaching staff has extensive experience in youth strength and conditioning, and general physical preparedness for all youth, ranging from the beginner to the advanced competitor.
  • Contact Us regarding questions or for more information:
    • Jamie McDonald: 209.327.2300,